5 Reasons eos Makes
the Best Natural Lip Balm

We don’t condone judging by appearances—but it’s hard not to in this case. Eos lip balms are just too darn adorable! Luckily, what’s inside that colorful packaging is just as awesome as what’s outside. From organic ingredients to top-notch moisturizers, here’s why our lips absolutely love them.


They’re 100-percent natural.

That’s right, unlike some brands that claim to be natural (but are really laden with chemicals), eos organic balms are made entirely with natural ingredients. Period. And that means these balms are totally free of the stuff you don’t want, too. Forget parabens, petrolatum, or GMOs—you won’t find any of the yucky stuff here. So you can feel comfortable wearing them on your lips—or, even, taking a little taste. Each of the yummy flavors are a combination of 20 to 40 natural extracts, so feel free to lick away!


They’re 95-percent organic.

Yep! Not only are the ingredients completely natural, but the vast majority of them are USDA-certified organic. In fact, eos buys enough organic raw materials in just one year to fill the base of the Washington Monument 10 feet high! Eos is also the largest user of organic beeswax in the world. Beeswax has been used as a moisturizer for almost 2000 years—ever since the ancient Romans discovered its skin-softening powers. But those beeswax-loving Romans would be blown away by how much of the stuff eos uses today. The amount of beeswax eos purchases annually is equal in weight to the Statue of Liberty. Talk about some busy bees!


They’re packed with good-for-skin ingredients.

Each eos sphere is loaded with hydrating, skin-nourishing goodness, including shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil, plus powerhouse antioxidants like vitamin E. And they buy a ton of this stuff, too. Case in point: The amount of coconut oil that eos purchases is equal to the weight of 35 elevators at Seattle’s Space Needle—and the olive oil purchased equals 13 Big Bens.


The formula is free of both water and artificial sweeteners.

Okay, we know, we know—that sounds kind of weird, right? (Like, what’s wrong with water?) But just go with us here: When a formula is water-free (a.k.a. anhydrous), that means absolutely no microbial growth can occur. And that means it’s not necessary to use preservatives such as parabens. And, of course, using only natural sweeteners—in this case, stevia and natural cane sugar—ensures that none of the scary chemical stuff will ever cross your lips.


They’re just so flipping fun.

Whether the colorful spheres remind you of Easter Eggs, oversized gumballs, or bouncy balls, they’re a veritable handheld smile. From the soft, smooth feel to the rainbow’s worth of available colors, just try being in a bad mood after you twist open one of these vibrant little orbs. (Spoiler alert: It’s not possible!)