6 Reasons you love eos lip balm - Karen Kwan

6 Reasons you love eos lip balm - Karen Kwan

6 Reasons you love eos lip balm without even realizing it

The cult little sphere is more than just cute. It has lots of great ingredients to take care of your lips too.

Oct. 11, 2016

Admit it: it was the adorable ball that first caught your eye. That cute sphere in a pop of colour is hard to resist. Or perhaps it was seeing Kim, Miley and Gwen using it that made you want one (or two or three) for yourself. It’s also easy to find in your handbag even amongst all of your receipts, sunglasses, mints and wallet. And there’s no denying eos is just totally Instagrammable.

But eos is covetable for more than its charm and good looks. It takes more than great packaging to make a lip balm a cult favourite for, let’s be real, fickle beauty fanatics like you.

It’s all organic and natural. You know you always feel good when you’re wearing eos, and for good reason: eos products are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic and pass (or even surpass) industry guidelines (which are conducted by independent labs, natch). Which means you can leave behind the stress about being exposed to potentially harmful ingredients faster than Bieber leaves behind his latest arm candy.

Only the most beneficial moisturizers are used in eos—and a lot of each. To keep your pout moist, organic beeswax, olive and coconut oils are used in its natural formulas, which have been crafted to be long lasting but non-greasy. They work by helping you retain the moisture in your lips while also doing the very important task of keeping pollutants out. And eos doesn’t skimp on these valuable ingredients: the company is the largest use of organic beeswax in the world; eos on an annual basis pours in the equivalent of eight hockey rinks of olive oil into its products, and the coconut oil they buy each year could fill the CN Tower’s two water tanks.

eos’s ingredients are sourced the world over. They insist on the best raw materials, and to achieve that, the raw materials, including all of botanically sourced oils, come from far and wide—from six continents, in fact.

The product eos puts inside that cute sphere is tested to not degrade so you can swipe it on with confidence. What’s this mean? Derms and real people test it out, and it’s done independently (so the findings are as unbiased as Kanye is confident.

eos focuses on layered flavours and notes. Think of eos as a top chef’s take on a balm. When creating a dish, a chef develops layers of flavour so that the result is rich and flavourful. eos is developed with up to 40 natural extracts, which are carefully chosen so that they are balanced. Also, it’s crafted with top, middle and bottom notes in mind. So there’s a reason it always smells and feels great on.

No parabens, no problem. Parabens, as you know, are used in the beauty industry to preserve products. eos, though, is water-free, which means we have no need for parabens in their lip balm. How’s that? Well, microbes grow in a moist environment that includes H2O. No water in eos, no need for paraben preservatives.