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It contains Logo and 3 navigation links. ****************************************************************************--></header> <div id="content"> <section id="mainContent"><!--************************************************************************ Main Blog content starts here ****************************************************************************--> <h1><!-- Blog title -->These Are The Best Ingredients For Softening Your Lips</h1> <div id="bannerImage"><img src="" alt="" /></div> <p><em>BY ALYSSA HERTZIG August 24, 2017</em></p> <p>Our lips are skilled at many things from chatting to smiling to looking glamorous in bright red lipstick. But what they’re not so great at is keeping themselves soft and flake-free. That’s why the best lip balms contain a careful mix of ingredients to retain moisture, add in extra hydration, and keep their protective barrier strong and intact. eos has long known this, so their balms have always contained the very best stuff for these purposes. But get ready, lip balm lovers, because eos is about to change the game, big time.</p> <h2><!-- Tagline -->eos is raising the bar once again, releasing brand spanking new and improved formulas that feature even higher levels of many of these ingredients in their Organic and Visibly Soft balms. (There’s also new, colorful, eye-catching packaging that you’re going to love!) Yep, the best lip balms just got better than ever.</h2> <br /> <p>Read on to learn more about these top notch ingredients, and find out why dermatologists recommend them—and why you’ll love them for keeping lips healthy, soft, and kissable.</p> <div class="profilePhoto"><img src="" alt="" /></div> <br /> <h3><strong>Shea Butter: </strong></h3> <p>This gentle moisturizer comes from the nut of the African shea tree and packs a ton of good-for-skin elements. There’s vitamins A, D, and E, allantoin (a skin softener), antioxidants, and multiple fatty acids including two key ones—linoleic and linolenic—which are naturally found in our skin’s barrier. “All of these components mean shea butter softens the skin and makes it more flexible,” says Dr. Amy Newburger, a dermatologist in Scarsdale, New York. “It’s also protective and very soothing.”</p> <div class="profilePhoto"><img src="" alt="" /></div> <h3><strong>Beeswax:</strong></h3> <p>In addition to acting as a nifty building tool for bees, beeswax is pretty miraculous for lips, too. It forms a protective barrier to help shield this delicate area from irritants, while still allowing skin to “breathe” (unlike the petroleum-derived ingredients used in many other balm brands, which can be suffocating). It’s also a humectant, which means it pulls in water from the air to help keep lips hydrated. But all beeswax isn’t created equal—and eos’s high-quality organic beeswax stands out in one major area. “Beeswax is usually one of the biggest sources of allergies in lip products, because it typically contains propolis, a mixture of beeswax and bee saliva, which can have tree buds, sap, and pollen,” says Dr. Newburger. “But eos removes all of the propolis from their beeswax, so theirs is purified.” And it’s for all of those reasons that eos remains big on beeswax. So big, in fact, that they’re actually the largest purchaser of organic beeswax in the world, each year using an amount equal to the weight of the Statue of Liberty!</p> <div class="profilePhoto"><img src="" alt="" /></div> <h3><strong>Cocoa butter: </strong></h3> <p>Hey shea—move over and make room for another butter! Ultra-hydrating, antioxidant-rich cocoa butter has joined shea as a new star ingredient in eos’ Visibly Soft formulas. Derived from the cocoa bean, it provides a protective barrier, and is tops for retaining moisture and keeping lips silky soft. And you know how your eos sphere always slides effortlessly over your lips? You can thank cocoa butter for that.</p> <div class="profilePhoto"><img src="" alt="" /></div> <h3><strong>Sunflower seed oil: </strong></h3> <p>eos is all about high-quality natural and organic oils. (The brand buys enough of them each year to equal the weight of a Boeing 747!) And one of their go-to oils just got an even bigger order: Pressed from the seeds of the cheery yellow flower, sunflower seed oil is a protective, skin-softening emollient chock full of vitamins A, C, and E, plus antioxidant-rich linoleic acid, oleic acid, and carotenoids to help protect skin from harmful free radicals in the environment.</p> <p>So, let’s review: Not only do eos lip balms smell great, taste even better, and look totally adorable, but they have the absolute best-in-class ingredients to keep your lips soft and healthy. Yummy, cute, and effective? Well, that’s an idea that definitely earns our kiss of approval.</p> <aside id="authorInfo"><!-- The author information is contained here --> <h2>Alyssa Hertzig</h2> <p>Alyssa Hertzig is a freelance writer and beauty expert living in Hoboken, NJ. She has worked as a beauty editor at publications such as Allure, Harper's Bazaar, and Brides, and her work has also appeared in Refinery 29, Martha Stewart Living, Redbook, Rachael Ray Every Day, and many more. Her popular lifestyle blog, The Sparkly Life, covers beauty, fashion, and parenting.</p> </aside> </section> <footer><!--************************************************************************ Footer starts here ****************************************************************************--></footer> </div> </div> </body>