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It contains Logo and 3 navigation links. ****************************************************************************--></header> <div id="content"> <section id="mainContent"><!--************************************************************************ Main Blog content starts here ****************************************************************************--> <h1><!-- Blog title -->Why eos Is Sooo Addictive–And About to Be More So</h1> <div id="bannerImage"><img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0102/6949/1258/t/3/assets/description_image_why_is_eos_so_addictive_jpg?14409825068328481080" alt="" /></div> <h2><!-- Tagline -->While you now know your beloved eos lip balm sphere so well you can’t picture your purse without it, back when they first came onto the scene in 2009, they were a complete surprise.</h2> <div class="profilePhoto"></div> <p>The circular shape and pops of color looked nothing like the lip balms we were used to. And its all-natural and organic formulas were some of the very first you could buy at a drugstore for just a few dollars. But as attention-grabbing as they were, eos was anything but a fad. Years later, and <a href="/eos-has-a-new-look" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span style="font-size: large; color: #ca006c;"><strong>now with a new elevated formula</strong></span></a> that has been in the works for two years, the brand is a bestseller in more than 18 countries around the world and has a following of more than 2 million on Instagram – people are obsessed. And for good reason. In fact, there’s some pretty interesting psychology behind it. Here, the top 4 reasons why people can’t get enough of eos and how they’ve made the new formula even more addicting than ever.</p> <h3><strong>1. Hey, the Stuff Works</strong></h3> <p>Fact: While your skin has up to 16 layers, your lips only have 3-5. This is why eos uses a multi-pronged treatment of nourishing oils and butters to penetrate and hydrate lips, as well as waxes that seal in lip moisture. eos <a href="/lip-balm/organic.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span style="font-size: large; color: #ca006c;"><strong>Organic Spheres</strong></span></a> and <a href="/lip-balm/visibly-soft.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span style="font-size: large; color: #ca006c;"><strong>Visibly Soft Spheres</strong></span></a> are now more hydrating than ever thanks to elevated formulas. In its organic formula, eos has bumped sunflower seed oil up to the very top of the ingredient list, which is smart, considering the oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and carries its own natural wax. And they’ve also added a second wax from the carnauba palm that does double duty to hydrate and protect. If that’s not enough, internal tests showed that <strong>Visibly Soft Spheres</strong>, which now boast antioxidant-rich cocoa butter as their number one ingredient, boost lip moisture by up to 80% and reduced lines and wrinkles around the mouth up to 90%. Benefits were shown to last for eight hours or longer.</p> <h3><strong>2. They Feel Like Butter</strong></h3> <p>If you find yourself repeatedly applying and reapplying and reapplying… you’re not alone. Not only does that signature sphere shape cover more surface area as you glide it across your lips, which inherently feels nice, there’s a reason eos stands for Evolution of Smooth. While your typical lip balm is just a simple wax like petrolatum, eos calibrated a blend of organic beeswax, oils, and shea butter. Each ingredient serves its purpose to actually hydrate lips (more on that below), but it’s the sunflower seed, coconut, jojoba, and olive oils that melt as you apply and give that mesmerizing, glossy glide.</p> <h3><strong>3. The Ingredients Are Above Board </strong></h3> <p>These days, we like to know where our ingredients come from, whether they’re in our dinner or our beauty products. The eos formulas use only botanically-derived oils and organic beeswax. eos is the largest user of organic beeswax of any company in the entire world–they use enough each year to equal the weight of the Statue of Liberty! And their organic lip balm has enough natural certification badges to make it look like a scout, including the USDA Organic and EU Ecocert COSMOS seals. Bonus: The new organic formula is chock full of carnauba wax which is moisturizing and hypoallergenic – the formula is tested on 50 people for 24 hours 10 times over the course of a month to make sure allergies are not an issue.</p> <h3><strong>4. They’re Good for You</strong></h3> <p>If you really want to up your lip treatment game (these days, don’t we all?), eos also makes a therapeutic balm with menthol (Cooling Chamomile) and a protective lip balm with sunscreen (in both SPF 15 and SPF 30). The <a href="/lip-balm/active/active-protection-fresh-grapefruit-spf-30.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><span style="font-size: large; color: #ca006c;"><strong>eos Active Lip Balm SPF 30</strong></span></a> in Pink Grapefruit is particularly popular not only because sun protection is the single greatest way to prevent aging on your lips (not to mention skin cancers), but also because you can’t taste the sunscreen ingredients at all. While most sunscreen lip treatments can have a metallic, chemical taste, eos pulls off a full SPF 30 – which is the derm-recommended level – and you taste nothing but grapefruit. Pucker up!</p> <aside id="authorInfo"><!-- The author information is contained here --> <h2>Jane Rossman</h2> <p>Jane Rossman has been writing about beauty for nearly a decade in New York City. Her work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue.com, W magazine, Allure, and Marie Claire. She's never without sunscreen, spare concealer, and, of course, lip balm.</p> </aside> </section> <footer><!--************************************************************************ Footer starts here ****************************************************************************--></footer> </div> </div> </body>