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Why now is the time to switch to an all-natural lip balm

Discover how these star ingredients can make your lips look great – naturally.

It’s estimated that the average North American woman ingests between three and seven pounds of lip products within their lifetime. Shocking, right? But studies have shown that many mainstream balms and lipsticks contain harmful ingredients like lead, titanium, aluminum, parabens and a whole slew of other chemicals. Thankfully, with something natural, like an eos lip balm, there’s no need to worry.

An eos consumer study in 2015 found that many women had no idea that eos organic range is a 100 per cent natural and non-GMO product. It also happens to have the highest level of USDA certification.

So let’s talk more about those natural ingredients.

The main component in eos lip balms is organic beeswax, a natural wax which is produced by honey bees in the hive. Made up of a number of esters and fatty acids, the wax when used in the balm forms a protective layer on the outside of the lips to keep water inside, while protecting the lips from outside pollutants like free-radicals and dirt. Beeswax has long been prized as a valuable substance due to the complexity and time it takes to make. In fact, you probably didn’t know that 10,000 bees spend three days to make a single pound of beeswax! eos plays a big role in beeswax production and is currently the largest user of organic beeswax in the world.

Another star ingredient is coconut oil, which has become one of the hottest natural products on the market. Known for it’s moisturizing properties, it’s also used for cooking, digestion, immune support, to demineralize teeth and even to treat anxiety and depression. In the beauty world it’s considered one of the best natural moisturizers. Like beeswax, eos is a big supporter of coconut oil and buys enough to fill the two large water tanks at the Toronto CN Tower – approximately 112,000 litres.

Olive oil also plays a role in creating healthy, plump lips. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, scientists continue to discover new health benefits from consuming and using this natural oil. eos buys enough olive oil to equal the ice used in eight hockey rinks.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one – only benefits.



Aside from the obvious health factors, eos lip balms are just a really great product. They come in a variety of flavours, which are designed like fine fragrances with top, middle and bottom notes. This helps to create a “blooming” effect, leaving a long-lasting impression on the lips. eos also uses between 20 and 40 natural extracts to create complex – and delicious – flavours unlike many other balms found on the market.

As fans of the brand already know, eos comes in one of the most stylish containers out there. Perfect for tossing in your purse, the subtle twist cap is elegant and discreet, perfect for applying no matter where you are.

Like all beauty products, eos lip balms go through a series of extensive safety tests before being placed on shelves. These tests are extensive and conducted by independent laboratories under the supervision of a dermatologist. The three-step testing involves testing against microorganisms as well as ensuring the product will remain stable under various conditions. eos’ number one concern is to ensure that their product is safe and can be trusted – and they’ve done the work and research to back that up!

Now, are you ready to make the switch?