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Why Organic Matters—Especially In Your Lip Balm - Megan Deem

Why Organic Matters—Especially In Your Lip Balm

You’re a true believer when it comes to eating organic, fastidiously checking labels in the grocery store and bypassing anything that doesn’t meet your standards.

But do you pay as much attention to what’s going on your mouth, not just in it? We all know that what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into the tissue, which is the reason many people turn to organic brands for their skincare and makeup. The need for an organic product is especially important when it comes to your lips because they’re not only absorbing whatever you apply to them (and lip skin is among the thinnest on the body), you’re also ingesting it every time you lick your lips. (Which, if you’re like us, is a lot.) There’s a long-held fallacy that organic products aren’t as effective as their lab-grown counterparts, just by virtue of being natural, but the fact of the matter is Mother Nature does a pretty good job, if you let her.

Origin Story

Most lip balms are formulated with chemicals, such as petrolatum, which comes from petroleum, and mineral oil. Not only do they provide softening benefits, they help give a balm its structure. Useful, but also gross, when you think that you’re swallowing something that came from the same source as what goes in your car. And when lips are flaking and chapped, requiring you to apply even more soothing balm, it’s actually a sign that the skin barrier is compromised and allowing ever more of your lip product’s ingredients to pass through. You’re probably thinking that you can spare yourself the chemical threat by choosing a natural stick. But to be honest, “natural” ingredients aren’t that much better as they can be treated with pesticides, fertilizer, or other chemicals, which you then ingest. However, it is possible to get all the hydrating ingredients you want in a lip balm with none of the bad stuff, thanks to eos.

Salve Salvation

But all is not lost! You’re not doomed to a life of chapped lips just because you want a safer softener. Selecting a balm that’s clearly labeled with the USDA organic seal, like the eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm, which features a newly elevated formula, ensures you’ll ward off flakes with pure, non-chemical, sustainably sourced ingredients. Equipped with new eye-catching packaging, the most effective version of the eos Organic Sphere to-date proclaims its organic-ness loud and proud. As a matter of fact, in Europe, the same eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm carries the ECO-Cert COSMOS stamp, which generally has even more rigorous standards for meeting the organic threshold than the USDA.

The Power of Three

The eos Organic Sphere’s three main components are beeswax, butters, such as shea and avocado, and oils, like coconut, jojoba, and sunflower. In fact, eos is the biggest user of organic beeswax in the world, purchasing enough each year to equal the weight of the Statue of Liberty. And oils and butter? eos goes through a yearly amount equivalent to the mass of a Boeing 747

Power Up

So now you know what’s in a pot of eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm. Did you notice what’s not? Parabens and petrolatum. And that whole stereotype of organic products not being effective? That’s like saying a girl can’t be pretty and smart. It’s just not true. One swipe of the intensely hydrating eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm, and you’ll know it works, super safe ingredients and all. Speaking as a scientist, Dr. Mike Wong, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at eos says, “I don’t want anything that’s not pure going on my lips and into my body.” But we’d say even the non-scientists among us can appreciate the reasons to go organic!