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natural & organic

100% natural lip balm that provides lasting hydration, USDA Certified organic.

visibly soft & deeply hydrating

Rich cocoa and Shea butter balm that deeply hydrates and softens lips.

weightless & wax-free

Wax-free lip balm with five nourishing oils to soften lips.

shimmer & tint

Moisturizing lip balm that enhances lips with a touch of shimmer and shine.

spf & medicated

Cooling lip balm that provides pain relief for sore and chapped lips.

what's your flavor?

Imagine having all of your favorite flavors smack dab on your lips. Well, consider yourself lucky, because, with the bundles in our eos flavor stand, you can have just that. Whatever flavors you desire, one of our bundles has got you (and your lips) covered. Like, literally.

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vanilla bean & sugarplum 2-pack

$5.99 more yummy flavors
sugar & spice? nice! shop all holiday

dazzling ruby tint

$4.99 more yummy flavors
now serving shade & shimmer shop shimmer & tint

pure hydration

$3.29 more yummy flavors
hey, hydration! sup softness? visibly soft & deeply hydrating
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