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How does coconut oil transform your skin in a healthy way? What if olive oil contributed to your overall well-being? Here’s a look at the enjoyable balm that pampers your lips with natural oils while boosting your happiness quotient.

By Judith Ritchie

From a beauty perspective where everything is related, each ingredient counts, from the source of its extraction, to how smoothly it applies, to the emotion it makes you feel. This kind of wholistic approach is a must today in a world where women are looking for beauty that makes sense. We want to be beautiful, of course; but above all, we want to feel comfortable in our own skin and know that we are doing good for the world around us. Among the brands that fully embrace this underlying trend, eos (Evolution of Smooth) has made healthy, happy lips its mission in every sense of the word. Reflecting the image of the wheel of life, the planet and a global approach to beauty, eos, one of the most popular lip balm brands for women, creates its products with a deep concern for perfection, for women’s safety and with respect for nature and the environment. It’s a joy to use, from the formula’s DNA (eos products are petrolatum, paraben and gluten free, certified organic by the USDA and 100% natural), to the pleasure you feel when applying the balm (with a fun, practical, round applicator), to the sensation of soft, smooth lips, thanks to the beeswax used for long-lasting hydration. The smooth sphere at the centre nourishes lips of any shape to deliver the perfect dose of moisture. This is a lip care balm that maximizes its benefits, with every ingredient acting in perfect symbiosis and harmony.


In the world of well-being, oils are the new Holy Grail for skin. That’s why eos makes its certified organic balms with healthy, nutritious oils, such as coconut and olive oils, and beeswax. The organic and 100% natural raw materials come from the six continents of the globe with a goal to contribute to a healthy cosmetics industry as a whole. “We are the largest user of organic beeswax in the world; which corresponds to 2.5 times the amount of maple syrup that Nova Scotia produces in a year; we buy enough coconut oil to fill the two massive water tanks in the CN Tower in Toronto and enough olive oil to rival the ice used in eight hockey rinks!” say the founders of the brand. The oil therapy promise? To offer long-lasting nourishment for the skin with the highest-quality oils that smooth and brighten by refining skin texture and preventing the oxidation of cells. With plumper, softer, luminous lips, your mouth will sparkle with vitality for an irresistible, seductive smile. Because, after all, beauty is a state of mind.

“The smile is the kiss of the soul.”

- Michel Bouthot