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Wax on, wax off: The new waxless wonder from eos - Jody Harrison

Wax on, wax off: The new waxless wonder from eos

The history of lip balms dates back to the 1860s, when oil rig workers noticed that the refining process left behind an ointment that soothed rough, dry skin.

The next big innovation came in the 1980s, when beeswax took the salve scene by storm, coating lips to lock in moisture. But if you’re not so much a fan of petrochemicals, and the heavy feeling of a wax isn’t for you, what’s a lip hydration seeker to do? Behold: The future of lip balm is here, and you can see it as clearly as a crystal ball: eos Crystal.

What’s in it (and what’s not!)

The new eos Crystal see-through lip balm has, literally and figuratively, nothing to hide. There’s no petroleum jelly, which, while long-proven safe to use, has a significant purification process that leaves a larger carbon footprint than other available ingredients. And beeswax, while a natural ingredient, is an undesirable choice for vegans and can feel heavy to some of us.

What you will find in the breakthrough eos Crystal formula is a blend of five nourishing plant oils. Extracted from seeds, fruits, and veggies, these oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and add softness to the delicate lip skin. There’s avocado oil, which absorbs quickly into the skin for immediate, comforting hydration; aloe oil, which has anti-bacterial properties and soothes irritation; coconut oil, which is loaded with antioxidants and plays the role of anti-ager; sunflower seed oil, which deeply moisturizes; and castor seed oil, which weightlessly locks in moisture. Rounding out the innovative formulation is a unique, clear shea butter that lubricates lips and gives them a gorgeous glide.

How it works

You may have seen clear lip products before. Stunning, right? Unfortunately, they tend to feel like a pencil eraser rubbing your mouth. Nothing calming or comforting there! But despite the fact that eos Crystal has none of the traditional lip balm ingredients, it moisturizes just as well as they do. In fact, when measured by a hydration meter, eos Crystal is comparable to the eos Organic Sphere (which, btw, blows away the competition!). Never before has there been an eco-friendly, lightweight, vegan lip balm with the performance power of a conventional formula.

Why you’ll love it

eos Crystal invigorates all five of your senses. First, you see the shimmering package, then open it to find the dazzling crystal clear jewel inside. One of two delicious scents — Hibiscus Peach or Vanilla Orchid — wafts gently up to your nose. And when you apply it to your lips you feel…nothing but softness. Not heavy, not waxy, not sticky, not icky, just hydrated happy lips. A little lick and you taste the sweet but subtle flavors. And that sound? It’s you, squealing with happiness at your new find!